Personalized services provided by PayLink lead to faster, more efficient and more economical solutions.

The company understands that every customer is unique and each card delivered to the cardholder represents an opportunity to strengthen our relations with them.

PayLink uses the most advanced, flexible and innovative systems around the world in order to meet the needs of its customers and customers. Our staff is experienced in various sectors, especially in the banking and payment industry sector.

PayLink is licensed by the Bank of Albania as a National Operator for Basic Card Payment and the Clearing Interbank Operator.



Our mission is to provide services, expertise and innovative products as fast as possible and at an economical cost for Albania and the region.

We are determined to hold our brand to the highest standards of technology, professionalism and confidentiality in order to satisfy the needs and demands of our clients.

The Philosophy and Culture of PayLink supports and inspires our employees to provide qualitative and contemporary service for all clients and their network.


Our vision is to become the number one Albanian company in the payment industry, offering a safe and qualitative platform for our customers. PayLink’s core values are integrity, cooperation, respect, reliability and innovation. A part of our vision is also the renovation of payment services in Albania and the region, always focusing on the needs and demands of our customers.

We believe that every person has the right to have easier and safer access during financial transactions and it’s our duty to provide simple, practical and efficient services at reasonable prices. Aiming to become a future leader in financial services, what distinguish us from others is our strong commitment to our clients.