In today’s highly competitive market, customers expect performance, distinct value and sustainable service to which they can trust.
The company supports a full range of services, including production, personalization, design and posting of cards. Everything is managed so that work can be done quickly and in a highly secure environment that eliminates the risk.


PayLink offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs and requirements of business development of our clients, including those for second tier banks and non-bank financial institutions, public sector institutions, commercial entities, card products and products accepted by POS devices, by supporting our partners to provide contemporary products and services maximizing profitability and improving operational efficiency.
PayLink meets all of their specific needs and conditions, goes beyond industry standards and ensures that cardholders get their cards always on time. PayLink offers efficiency in full implementation of the card, providing an efficient, cost-effective operation that saves time and brings the greatest benefit to customers.
With experience and a qualified staff in the field of electronic payment, PayLink offers solutions for processing and issuing cards, tailored to the needs of customers.
The local charter scheme gives you endless opportunities to boost sales! This scheme is accompanied by a range of benefits to customers.


PayLink enables most of payment types by providing different credit card acceptance methods, including magnetic tape transactions, chip and PIN transactions, contactless transactions, and transactions on personal computers.

PayLink offers to all financial institutions the issuance of the card at any moment and at high speed, aiming to meet the client’s needs, always with the highest quality in personalization.
Credit card delivery is provided at the central level directories of second tier banks, at the branches choosed by the customer or directly to ther customer.

Credit Line Management in the PayLink processing system is counducted in real time, starting from the application to the management of delays within international standards.
Distribution: PayLink can provide the most secure and timely service, delivery of on-demand PINs (central office, branches, cities, VIP-individuals, etc.).


PayLink offers the latest processing technology of Chip Debit cards and PINs, enabling customers to use these cards in ATM networks, providing payments for goods and services. PayLink also provides connectivity to large networks like MasterCard and VISA as well as the PayLink national network.
PayLink offers the possibility of designing and manufacturing a top-quality debit card, countless opportunities for new innovative products.
Connecting the card to multiple accounts, managing various currencies, and processing real-time transactions are only some of the services we provide for financial institutions and others.



PayLink offers a wide range of “Gift” cards. “Gift” cards are designed to be used in a single store or in some trading units while respecting the loyalty scheme as required by financial and trading institutions.


PayLink offers the possibility of personalizing and processing prepayed cards that are part of national and international payment networks.
PayLink offers all the replenishment infrastructure for these cards by transferring funds from bank accounts or by using “cash” at all authorized points. A prepaid card is a secure card, which is pre-filled with a “cash” value set. This card can be replenished through performing various transactions within the initial or recharged value.

PIN over SMS

The latest innovation introduced in the market by PayLink is PIN over SMS service. This service makes it possible for every customer who is equipped with a financial card, can be able to receive the cards pin via SMS wherever he is located.
The new solution, sending PINs via electronic methods is successfully launched during 2021 and is operative for some banks in the Albanian market.
Sending PINs over SMS instead of using the traditional postal way does not only lower cost, but provides a solution that

  • Is user friendlier for the final banking customers
  • Provides an instant PIN release
  • Is environmental friendlier
  • Offers a three-factor communication