In today’s highly competitive market, customers expect performance, distinct value and sustainable service to which they can trust.
The company supports a full range of services, including production, personalization, design and posting of cards. Everything is managed so that work can be done quickly and in a highly secure environment that eliminates the risk.


PayLink enables Albanian and foreign companies to place their IT equipment in its Data Center facilities on a shared or dedicated RACK.

As one of the most consolidated providers of Colocation service in Albania, PayLink offers this service to small and large businesses at a very favorable and flexible price.

Conceived with the best security, service continuity and data protection settings, PayLink data center guarantees the conditions of your IT equipment for maximum availability. To ensure continuity of service, PayLink Data Center is built under the N + 1 protection scheme for cooling systems, ups, and generators.

addition, PayLink’s data center has successfully passed certification standards for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards) and PCI-CP (Payment Card Industry Card Production).


Online ATM monitoring allows banks to always be aware of terminal performformance and to make operational decisions based on reported information.

The ATM monitoring system provides detailed information about problems such as:

  • invoice level,
  • Journal’s level,
  • card reader status,
  • the level of money on tapes, etc.

This detailed information facilitates problem analysis and provides the most efficient solution. The ATM monitoring system is integrated with SMS and e-mail options for the bank, by sending information about the problem to the bank branch or to the bank’s predetermined staff. As a result, banks will be able to offer customers a very high level of ATM availability.

Online ATM monitoring is provided as a web-based program from where banks can:

  • Check in real-time information on reported problems as well as disbursements / transactions performed by ATMs.
  • Check the status and history of events at your ATMs 24/7.
  • Perform a complete analysis of the ATM group to determine the origin of the issues and the devices that caused them.


The PayLink system is well-organized and equipped with the latest information technology for customers. The client is immediately notified via an SMS (e-mail), for almost every function and transaction occurring in the system.

Types of notifications:

  • Announcements for successful transaction execution
  • Announcements for various errors
  • Announcements for various events
  • Announcements for ATM problems
  • Credit announcements
  • Announcements on suspicious transactions

Loyalty Programs

PayLink enables clients to resolve loyalty programs that are tailored to individual customer needs. Different loyalty programs offer collection / discounts / points for each purchase of the customer registered in the system, by giving them different offers based on the “loyalty” the customer has at the point of sale.

Card Personalization & Production

Advantages of collaboration with PayLink:

  • Qualititive and professional level in the personalization services industry in a secure and certified environment according to the latest standards of VISA and MasterCard.
  • Provides a full process starting from the moment the personalization of a particular card is ordered: card personalization, PIN printing, storage, posting and distribution at bank branches.
  • Local service which offers lower cost and faster time to deliver from the location of the personalization center to the Issuing Bank.
  • Different options for packing cards using branch codes and distributing them from the personalization center directly to the bank or customers branches by reducing cost, verification procedures and re-packaging.

Encoding and types of personalization

  • Debit and Credit Magnetic Cards
  • EMV Debit and Credit Cards
  • Contactless Cards
  • EMV Multi-application Debit and Credit Cards
  • Loyalty Cards

Production of PINs

In cooperation with the best providers across Europe, PayLink offers the most secure and reliable PIN and non-financial card solution.
Pin codes are laser-printed on a specially provided laminated surface, which hides the number or PIN code. The laminated strip is highly sensitive to pressure, destruction or damage, with a complex patent with a few dark underlying motifs, and a collar with an orbital boundary that reveals the stamped message when it opens. It is a simple TAB-FISCODE PIN, which the receiver can open simply and quickly.